Washington Island


Update: As of this February, Washingtonisland.com is now a partnership between Tammy Rupiper and Jerry Rupiper.

All website content is maintained by Jerry Rupiper and Tammy Rupiper, if you have any questions, corrections or recommended additions to the site please send an email:  jerry@washingtonisland.com or tammy@washingtonisland.com

We look forward to being your source on the web for all things Island!

Original post by Jerry:

Washingtonisland.com was the vision of my sister,  Tammy Rupiper, who secured the domain many years ago.  It was her intent to develop a site where visitors could find accomodations and learn more about Washington Island, WI on the web.  She passed the reins to me, Jerry Rupiper, in the early 1990’s and I have worked to grow the site and improve it through the years.  Washingtonisland.com is the number one site for getting information about Washington Island, its attractions, photos, business listings and news.  The site hosts the webpages of many Island Businesses, links to many others who have their own domains and is funded by their advertising dollars.  It has been and most likely continue to be a hobby for myself as the revenues from the site in no way cover the expenses and time that I have invested.  There have been many others who have worked on the site, some paid to design and make everything work. others who have donated time and pictures and content.  I can’t list them all here but, I would like to thank all of them for their work!