Washington Island

Come explore Washington Island

The time to reopen Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and Shop draws near. May 1st. 2015 marks the day the doors are thrown open and visitors are welcomed back. It’s been a long winter and everyone is eager to get back to work at the farm.

As Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm prepares for the upcoming season other businesses that serve the summer tourists are gearing up for another great year, as well. It won’t be long before Washington Island is teeming with visitors all looking to experience a little bit of the magic that makes Washington Island a destination worth visiting.

If asked to articulate the one thing that makes a trip to Washington Island so special, the answer would have to be the people. There is an inherent kindness and friendliness among the folk who reside on Washington Island year round. It matters not if you are walking, biking or driving a car, you are certain to get a wave from anyone approaching from the opposite direction. And, it is considered good island manners, to wave back. Islanders are quick to give directions, make a recommendation and share what it is that makes Washington Island unique.

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