Washington Island

Source: http://www.thecountrytoday.com/country_life/article_3d1a217e-d70f-11e4-b0c2-734e0c281a9d.html

WASHINGTON ISLAND — Unlike their domestic counterparts, Sue Dompke’s honeybees are not getting ready to head north after overwintering in the south.

The winter-hardy variety known as the Primorsky Russian honeybee spent all winter on Washington Island in northern Door County.

Tucked in their hives with about 60 pounds of honey in each hive to carry them over the winter, it will be a few weeks before they stretch their wings and begin to do what honeybees do.

By overwintering in Wisconsin, the honeybee season gets off to an early start for breeding so queens, drones and workers can fulfill their genetic promise.

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