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Friendly and Delicious – we make homemade food to order.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a house, land, farm, or commercial property on Washington Island, then you have come to the right website. Here you will find a wide array of information about local real estate for sale.

The art of hand repairing fishing nets is something every commercial fishing family used to know, when the fishing industry dominated small … Source: WBAY – Jake’s Story: The Art on Ellefson Dock – April 26, 2015

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Come explore Washington Island The time to reopen Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and Shop draws near. May 1st. 2015 marks the day the doors are thrown open and visitors are welcomed back. It’s been a long winter and everyone is…

Photo by Judy Brown - source:http://www.thecountrytoday.com/country_life/article_3d1a217e-d70f-11e4-b0c2-734e0c281a9d.html

Source: http://www.thecountrytoday.com/country_life/article_3d1a217e-d70f-11e4-b0c2-734e0c281a9d.html WASHINGTON ISLAND — Unlike their domestic counterparts, Sue Dompke’s honeybees are not getting ready to head north after overwintering in the south. The winter-hardy variety known as the Primorsky Russian honeybee spent all winter on Washington Island in northern…